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Why does the price for cremation near me range so differently when compared to local funeral home cremation prices? Answer: Cremation only providers a lot less overhead cost compared to a local funeral home nearby Palm Beach County, Broward County. Most nearby cremation only places simply charge less since the location size is generally smaller in size and do not generally conduct funeral services or maintain a traditional funeral specific cars, limousines and hearses. Insurance for these vehicles is extremely expensive. 

What makes cremation places near me and funeral homes near me charge such different cremation prices? Cremation companies that offer cremation only simply have less operation cost, less insurance costs and generally less staff associates. The lower overhead cost for cremation places near you is the most accurate way to compare local funeral homes and low cost cremation places in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

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In your search for cremation services near me, you will come across many funeral homes and cremation places. Cremation prices will vary from funeral home to funeral home and cremation provider and other cremation places nearby. Cremation cost factor in many elements. Trust and experience should be the mail focus for finding the right cremation place for your family. Cremation Services By The Sea offers experience, and established name and a caring reputation. Nationwide cremation prices can vary from $1995 to upwards of $4500 or more from other cremation places and local funeral homes. Our direct cremation cost are affordable, transparent and honest. Select our services page to learn more about "How much does a simple cremation cost?" 

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Compare local funeral homes and other cremation places to Cremation Services By The Sea for affordable and professional crematory services. We are more than just a cremation provider. We are a family of individuals that are licensed, caring and honored to our calling. Since 2013, our small business has served thousand of families, just like yours. We believe that a simple cremation should be just as meaningful as a traditional funeral service. We offer more than low cremation prices near me, we offer a professional and compassionate experience. 

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