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Cremation Services with Death Certificates

How Do I Re-order Death Certificates?

After the initial filing of the death certificate, we will obtain the original order from the local health department (based on your package selection). After the initial order, all re-orders will require a basic fee for a staff member's time and our business overhead costs. A shipping and handling fee for will also apply. 

If you wish to initiate filing a re-order on your own, you may utilize the box listed below. If you select to go through VitalChek, Cremation Services By The Sea will be unable to assist you. 

Cremation Services - Free Veteran Funeral Benefits

Cremation Services By The Sea - Military Honors

One of the highest honors an individual can do is to provide dedicated & honorable services for our fine military forces & those who have served our great nation.

Cremation Services By The Sea honors those who have served in the armed forces. There are many benefits which can apply to a veterans death. The links provided are designated for veterans and veteran families. You will need to provide a DD214 or Honorable Discharge for filing any military benefits or honors. 

Social Security - Cremation Benefits

Does Social Security Pay for Cremation

Cremation Services By The Sea notifies Social Security for every family that we service. When a family has more questions regarding how a loss will effect a living relative or a spouse, please follow the following link for direct answers. 

 Your loved ones may be eligible for a death benefit. 

Cremation Services By The Sea - Hospice Collaboration Specialist

When Should Hospice Services Be Considered For a Loved One?  

Cremation Services By The Sea understands that a family can never be prepared enough when faced with the loss of a loved one. However, with helpful advice & the proper outlets, a family can find open arms & open hearts that are there to help. Cremation Services By The Sea has established relationships with local hospice providers like Trustbridge Hospice, Vitas Hospice, Gold Coast Hospice & Catholic Hospice. If your loved ones wish after hospice care is for direct cremation services, we can help make the transition more understandable. 

As a compassionate based business, we understand how complex some of these decisions could be. A terminal illness can devastate an entire family & alter the day to day dynamics of personal caregivers. When this is the case, hospice or palliative care should be explored. Dedicated hospice social workers, nurses and doctors serve the family with unmatched integrity & provide relief & comfort to the challenges of illness.