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Once the forms are submitted, reviewed and processed (after a loss), we will provide a formal statement to the next of kin.

At that time, the statement provided will include the goods and services selected in an itemized or packaged fashion. 

Cremation Services In Boca Raton Florida.

If you have completed the (ORANGE) required forms above, by e-file, there is "no need", to do anything else. The blue boxes below are only for those individuals who wish to print, then hand write their work onto the forms. If you complete the "Blue Box Forms", you must either fax them to (561) 465-5380 or scan them and then email them back to our office at info@CremationServicesByTheSea.com

​We require that all forms be signed by the legally authorized individual or the next of kin (Reminder: P.O.A. ceases upon death).

If any information is omitted, we will contact the sender, family or next of kin for the information and obtain additional details by a phone conference. 

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Cremation Services By The Sea, proudly serves Palm Beach County and Broward County

Our online forms seamlessly collaborate our conference with you, our client, at your convenience and fingertips.

Once the forms are completed, they will be reviewed by a licensed associate and transposed onto legal documents.

Every facet and detail of the arrangement process is guided by a compassionate staff member.   

Begin Making Online Arrangements.


  • There is no paper to print, scan or email. Our cremation arrangement forms are secured with a SSL Certificate to protect your privacy. 
  • Complete each of the orange forms below, independently.
  • Each form completed can be electronically endorsed.
  • Simply submit each form after it is signed. It's that simple.
  • Purchase your cremation urn selection - "Green Box" below.
  • Do not leave any information blank, use the term "unknown" if needed.​