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Cremation Services By The Sea is direct cremation service provider in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Compare our low cost cremation prices to local funeral homes and learn why families just like yours are choosing our affordable cremation without the need to use a local funeral home. 

We honor our veterans, cherish our hospice angels and guarantee dignified care for each and every family throughout each step of the final arrangement process.  Read real reviews. Our family owned business offers low cost cremation services and tribute merchandise. Compare us to local funeral homes and other cremation societies nearby. 

Many families inPalm Beach County and Broward County are beginning to notice that their local funeral homes have higher cremation prices.  Why is this?  Funeral homes in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Delray BeachWest Palm Beach and nearby cities are mostly corporately owned. Therefore, client families generally wind up paying higher cremation prices.  In fact, when compared to a traditional funeral home, Cremation Services By The Sea is about a third of the cost.

Did you know that a funeral home is not required for a direct cremation arrangement?

A funeral home is only required if a viewing or other specialized service with the decedent present is requested. 

How is Cremation Services By The Sea Regulated?

Funeral service providers and cremation services providers are regulated by same state agency.  This assures you that our compliance and license are up to date and registered. The Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Servicesoversees all aspects of death care businesses, including funeral homes and direct cremation providers like Cremation Services By The Sea. 

How do I make the most affordable cremation arrangements?

Our cremation arrangements are offered online, at our office or in the comfort of your home.  Learn more about our online cremation arrangements by visiting our forms page.

Cremation Services By The Sea, provides transportation directly to the crematory from the place of death.  Do not use a funeral home for direct cremation, until you have contacted us.  Our firm will process all of the required state and county forms on your behalf, notify Social Security, obtain the county approval and permit for the cremation process, file the death certificate and personally return the cremated remains to the designated party.

Our mission, is to go above and beyond your families expectation without the use of a local funeral home. See our local cremation directory site, featured nationwide. 

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