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If you are considering contracting sea scattering services with another company, ask to see their vessel. Here's ours!

Cremation with Sea Scattering of Ashes at Sea
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​Direct Cremation with Sea Scattering

How Much Does Cremation Cost ?

Cremation Services By The Sea provides ash sea scattering services off of the beautiful South Florida Coastline.

This unattended service is provided by our staff and not a hired company. This ensures that your loved one's care remains in our hands throughout the entire process.

 We are located just minutes away from the Gulf Stream, which offers the most beautiful destination for your loved one's final journey. 

A sea scattering is not an end, but rather the beginning of your loved ones next journey. 

Our scatterings services are provided off of the South Eastern Coast of Florida, 3 nautical miles off of the beautiful community of Boca Raton.

Rates for "Sea Scattering Services" start at just $175. with a mailed certificate.

Cremation with Sea Scattering Services

Simple Cremation with Sea Scattering 

Our sea scattering services are provided on a private (unattended) basis. When planning for a sea scattering , many laws must be followed. Laws regulated by federal guidelines require that "all sea scatterings take place beyond 3 nautical miles off of the nearest point of land and be logged with a nautical GPS location".

Our authorization form is very simple and includes instructions for shipping us your loved ones cremated remains (if we did not provide the cremation arrangements). 

There are a few choices on the types of sea scatterings that we offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for professional assistance. 

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Direct Cremation Services with Sea Scattering

Cremation Services By The Sea is exclusive when it comes cremation followed by sea scattering options.  We have never out sourced our unattended sea scattering services. When your loved ones final wishes are to be scattered at sea, why would you use a funeral home or any other cremation provider?

Use a business with personal experience and their very own resources.

Considering sea scattering? Ask your local funeral home if they provide their own sea scattering services? When you select Cremation Services By The Sea, you are selecting an elite provider. We do not offer charter services.