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How Much Do Cremation Urns Cost?

Cremation urn options are endless. When choosing a urn, it is common to reflect on the individual that you may be honoring. Here are some general considerations when selecting an urn. Will there be a memorial service or celebration of life? Perhaps maybe a funeral mass or other ceremony that is being planned? Is wood, metal, ceramic or other material more fitting? What are the plans after the service? Will the cremated remains be retained at a residence, interred in a grave or presented in a mausoleum niche? We would suggest a more elegant choice. Maybe a scattering at sea? Then, biodegradable would be ideal. Either way, there is no wrong choice. 

Urn Costs are determined by the a number of factors. Number one, material. Depending on the type of of material and construction is the main foundation for an urns price. For instance, a wood urn can be very affordable if it is made from a species that is abundant in nature, like a medium density or pine. Another example would be an urn that is made from a premium wood, like cherry or mahogany. These wood species are rare and very costly. They are considered hard woods and consumers can expect prime rates. 

Metal urns are based very similar with price configuration. For example, a brass or alloy urn will cost a fraction or the cost when compared to bronze or other premium metal urns. 

Cremation Services By The Sea Urn Prices

Cremation Services By The Sea will never pressure an individual or family to make a purchase when one is not requested by those we are serving. Our practice is to express that affordable urn options are available, should one be needed. Unlike your local funeral home, our firm purchases large quantities of urns. Therefore, we receive larger wholesale discounts. Whereas, a funeral home only purchases an urn, as needed. In turn, this costs a family or individual much more. 

The choice is simple. Cremation Services By The Sea is a full service providers that seamlessly gives a family more flexibility and control over the arrangement process. Families will always pay less and get more when they select our local business. Our structure is based around our client family. To learn more about our urns, cremation prices and professional services, we are only a phone call away.  

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Choosing a Cremation Urn - Cremation Services By The Sea

Cremation Services By The Sea is there for your family, each step along the way. During the cremation arrangement process, our professional staff will go over a variety of cremation urn options. Since our business sister company is PreciousMemorialUrns.com our client families will benefit from urn costs that are up to sixty percent less than that of a traditional funeral home.