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​Death Certificate Uses After Cremation

Why do I need certified copies?

Death Certificates in the State of Florida come in two formats: 1). Long Form (includes the cause of death *read restrictions above) and 2). Short Form (the cause of death is omitted). Each format has specific uses, therefore, it may be important to understand these simple requirements:

Using copies with the cause of death will be required for the following:

1. Annuities

2. Life insurance Policies

3. Pensions

4. Family Retention (meaning that you would like a copy for your personal records).

Using copies without the cause of death will be required for the following:

1. Simple Bank Accounts (Savings and Checking Accounts).

2. Stocks, Bonds and Investments or Brokerage Houses.

3. Property (Vehicles, Leases, Homes or Real Property).

4. Title Transfers.

Certified copies of the death record are legal documents. If you are working with an attorney or a financial adviser, be certain to consult with them, as they may have insight into investments etc. 

Death Certificates are issued by the county and all orders will incur the county fee for each certified copy being requested. If a courier charge is required or copies must be mailed to you, scheduled fees can be found on our general price list.

To re-order additional copies after the first filing, you can contact our office, or you may use VitalChek Express.

Cremation Services By The Sea - Death Certificates

Cremation Services with Filing Death Certificates

As part of our basic cremation services, Cremation Services By The Sea, will transpose your loved one's vital statistics information directly into the State of Florida's Vital Statistics EDRS System. In addition, as part of our direct cremation services we will also notify Social Security


​Cause Of Death on a Death Certificate will Only be issued to the immediate next of kin (Father, Mother, Sister, Brother or Child of the deceased or their representative by affidavit), a directive in a Will (you must supply us the Will) or a court order, as stated by Florida State Law.

When Will Death Certificates Be Available? 

Initial death certificate processing and certification can take up to 10 - 14  business days