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Privacy Notice: Cremation Services By The Sea (CSBS) 1307 Central Terrace, Lake Worth, Florida 33460 collects information that is voluntarily given by the purchaser for the specific need to arrange for goods and services, communication with local medical or authorized state agencies or to issue billing for services requested or purchased.  Information is obtained by by secure forms protected with a SSL Certificate which is maintained by CSBS or a 3rd party cloud services. Data is not rented or sold.  Credit card numbers and information utilized to pay for goods and services is provided directly from the purchaser, not by CSBS for the purpose to pay for such goods and services. 

Terms and Conditions: Goods and services selected are due at the time of the contract or no later than scheduled cremation services.  At need itemized or packaged services provided are non-refundable, once provided. Goods and merchandise are not refundable unless returned in new condition.  Merchandise cancelled prior to use will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. All shipping and handling fees on any goods or services provided is non-refundable unless cancelled prior to the actual shipping or handling. Standard forms of payments included check or cash. Credit card payments made though our online cremation forms may incur a convenience fee of 2.9% as an alternative form of payment.

Cremation Services By The Sea

Online Enhanced (All Inclusive) Direct Cremation Package:


Includes The Services of Our Simple Direct Cremation Package Listed Above.

No Post Cremation Conference Required.

Choice of Adding One Premium Service:

Option 1: Ship Cremated Remains within the Lower 48 States.

​(Does Not Include Urn).


Option 2: Elect for Our Unattended Sea Scattering of Ashes in the Atlantic Ocean.

(We Do Not Outsource Sea Scattering - Your Loved One Remains Under Our Care Until Scattering Services Are Completed).

Cremation Services By The Sea 

(561) 623-7357

Online (All-Inclusive) Simple Direct Cremation Package:


Built on Simplicity.

Over $265 in Real Discounts.

County Cremation Approval Fee Included.

One Death Certificate Included or $15 Credit Towards Services.

Transportation of Deceased (Up to 35 Miles) Included.

Refrigeration - Custody Care.

Basic Professional Services.

File State Documents - File Death Certificate - Notify Social Security.

Cremation Process (for individual up to 275lbs).

Retrieving or Receiving of Initial Death Certificate Order.

Alternative Container (Required for Crematory) $100 Value Included.

Return of Cremated Remains in Standard Fiberboard Box or $50 Towards Pre-selected Urn Options.

Post Cremation Conference By Dedicated Appointment. 

*In Office Immediate Need Direct Cremation Package:


This Package Is Ideal for Individuals That Wish For a More Personalized Meeting.

Traditional In Office Arrangements with a Licensed Associate.

Post Cremation Office Meeting Included.

No Online Forms, Discounts or Financial Saving Incentives.

No Free Death Certificate - County Fees Are Not Included. 

No Urn Discount.

*This option does not include any discounted services or incentives other than meeting the request of individuals that wish for a traditional sit down arrangement. We encourage the use of our Online Forms for those that want lower cost options for our cremation services. This package is non-negotiable. 

Basic CremationServices by Cremation Services By The Sea. 

How Much Are Direct Cremation Service Prices for Immediate Need?

Cremation Services By The Sea of the Palm Beaches offers direct cremation services that are practical and affordable.  This allows our client families to circumvent the need for a traditional funeral home.  Our direct cremation prices are concise and easy to understand. As a one hundred percent low cost cremation provider, we will never try to up sell or persuade you to make choices that are unnecessary to your simple needs for direct cremation. 

"If you are an individual visiting our site for the first time, we welcome you. If you are our competition attempting to keep pace with our business, we kindly thank you for following a leader." 

- Michael Gunderud, Owner

Local (561) 623-7357

Emergency (866) 302-1968

Fax (561) 465-5380

Cremation Services By The Sea is licensed to offer prepaid cremation arrangements. For prepaid pricing, please visit our Prepaid Cremation Page. The prices listed on this page are specific to immediate need when a death has occurred.