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Cremation Prices in Fort Lauderdale

Low Cost Cremation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cremation service prices are increasing across Ft. Lauderdale and nearby cities.  At Cremation Services By The Sea, we are dedicated to keeping our low cost cremation services available to the public.  There is no requirement to contact a funeral home. Doing so may be very costly.  Contact us and learn how we can put together a service plan to secure these low cost cremation prices today.

Broward Cremation Services

Direct Cremation Services of Fort Lauderdale.

What is a direct cremation service?  A direct cremation is a simple cremation and includes the minimum requirements to provide a cremation.  When a death occurs, we are contacted and provide transportation from the place of death, file state and county documents, notify social security and provide the sheltering and care of the deceased prior to cremation. Once cremation approval is granted, the schedule phase of services is initiated.  A direct cremation does not include the requirement to purchase a casket, nor is there a requirement to embalm.  In addition, a direct cremation does not include any other services (public or private) to family and friends. After cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the authorized individual in a basic receptacle or cremation urn if one is selected, purchased or provided by the client family. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Cremation Services

Cremation Services By The Sea near Fort Lauderdale, FL is a low cost cremation provider that offers direct cremation services in Broward County.  We proudly service the community of Ft. Lauderdale and all areas of Broward County with dignified crematory services.  From pre-planning to immediate need, Cremation Services By The Sea is there to help. Contact us today.