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Cremation Services

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Lake Worth, FL Cremation Services.

Unlike local funeral homes in Lake Worth, Cremation Services By The Sea is designated as a direct cremation provider.  This means that our services are simple, professional and directly available to you, our client family.  No funeral home is required for simple cremation services either.  Call us 24 hours a day for information or emergency cremation services.

Cremation Prices in Lake Worth Florida

By The Sea

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Low Cost Cremation in Lake Worth, Florida.

Cremation Services By The Sea was established in Lake Worth and offers low cost cremation services to families and individuals in Palm Beach and Broward County.  The evolution of our city has endured many years of change.  One thing that has never changed about Lake Worth is the conviction of a strong community at work.  Many of the families that we service contribute to the goodness of our great city and home.  Therefore, we are grateful to be apart of this historical landmark city.  From a buzzing downtown to beautiful beaches, we are thankful for the welcome to those that we serve in this historical gem of Florida.  Learn more about us and how we can customize a plan that honors your wishes, your dedication and your tribute.  Thank you Lake Worth, Florida for letting us serve you. 

Cremation Services Lake Worth

Cremation Services By The Sea is a proud member of the Lake Worth, Florida community.  Our direct cremation business headquarters has called Lake Worth home for many years.  This community is located on the beautiful Treasure Coast in Palm Beach County. Families just like your have selected our cremation services and low cost cremation prices for their loved ones final wishes.  Located just minutes from Palm Beach County Medical Examiners.