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Simple Cremation 

Simple Cremation Beautiful Choices?

Just because you are choosing simple cremation doesn't mean that you have less choices. Memory Glass has become an ideal way to suspend cremated remains of a loved one into a timeless and priceless keepsake. Memory Glass offers great ideas into honoring your loved one with these artful pieces, even if you do not have ashes.

For instance, if your loved one has been buried, soil from the burial ground can be utilized. In addition to other special places such: the family garden, a loved ones favorite hiking or hunting grounds. 

Cremation Services By The Sea, is honored to offer Memory Glass and we look forward to their continued growth. 

Cremation Service Options

There are many cremation service options and merchandise choices to honor the final wishes of a loved one. Memory Glass is just one.

Memory Glass is the suspension of ashes within beautiful hand made glass sculptures, pendants, touch stones and orbs. As a registered dealer of Memory Glass, we are honored to offer this unique tribute to the families that we serve. 

After the cremation process is completed, we will secure a pinch or two of the ashes and forward them to Memory Glass in a safe and professional process. You will also have the opportunity to select a design and color combinations for your loved ones tribute. 

At Cremation Services By The Sea, we stand by our providers and their products. Memory Glass is a professional business geared towards a common goal, to serve families with unique and lasting tributes. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Direct Cremation Choices

What to do with ashes?

Cremation Services By The Sea, is dedicated to providing families with the latest cremation options, urns and other merchandise like Thumbie or New Memorials Direct.

Many times, families contact us for advice. After the cremation process, there are choices to make. 

For some families, letting go of the cremated remains gives them closure. For instance, sea scattering a loved one enables a continued journey or gives peace to a loved ones final wishes. On the other hand, some family members prefer to keep a token of remembrance in an urn or custom jewelry. 

 Memory Glass is ideal for any family that wishes to bridge the gap between letting go of their loved one or retaining a token of their dedication. We have found that many families have an easier time "letting go", when Memory Glass is available to them. This beautiful option allows families to keep a timeless keepsake in their possession, while offering the opportunity for them to bury the cremated remains, scatter the ashes at sea or divide the ashes with other loved ones for other meaningful events or traditions.