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There are many other firms that offer direct cremation services.  However, Cremation Services By The Sea is the only firm that seamlessly collaborates by harnessing the latest technology in today's market.  Our low cost cremation services in Highland Beach are selected on a day to day basis by families, just like yours.  We offer a simple one step cremation arrangement process which is unmatched by local funeral homes and other cremation providers.  In addition, we never compromise on our premium family care or professionalism.  We are with you each step along the way and handle every facet of the process on your behalf.  Remember, not all those that offer cremation are created equally.  Make the established choice.  For more information and to learn more, contact us today.   

Cremation Services in Highland Beach

Cremation Services By The Sea is a known name in the Highland Beach, Florida area.  Our independent cremation business offers low cost cremation choices to the community and individuals that seek direct cremation services.  Cremation Services By The Sea provides professional transportation, suit and tie services and dignified cremation plans that are the most affordable in the area.  There is no funeral home required for our services.  Simply contact us directly and save on unnecessary funeral expense charges.   

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Cremation Prices in Highland Beach, FL

Cremation Prices in Highland Beach, FL

Cremation services cost less when families and individuals contact our office directly.  Cremation Services By The Sea also eliminates the need to use a funeral home.  Since our crematory services are direct, our overhead charges are low.  In turn, we pass off the savings to you, our client family.  We guarantee fair pricing that is far less expensive than those offered by local funeral homes in the Palm Beach County area.  Make the right choice and save on immediate cremation arrangements or in cases when pre-planning is needed. 

Cremation Services

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