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Cremation Services By The Sea is a direct cremation provider. A direct cremation is the most simple cremation service offered by crematory companies. Even though funeral homes in Lighthouse Point offer direct cremation services, their cremation costs are a lot higher. Why? Because they are using a funeral home and its' overhead expenses to coordinate these simple services. Even though you will not be required to use the funeral home, high cost of operation will likely be passed off to you. Our firm eliminates the need to use a funeral home for cremation services. In fact, our crematory arrangements can be completed online in just minutes. For more information on our cremation prices and low cost cremation planning, call today. 

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How Much Does Cremation Cost in Lighthouse Point?

Cremation Services By The Sea is a direct cremation company available twenty-four hours a day. Cremation services and cremation prices are most affordable when contacting our family business first. A direct cremation is the most simple cremation option that one can choose and a funeral home in Lighthouse Point is not required to elect our crematory services. Cremation costs in Lighthouse Point are above the national average, but individuals and families that choose our firm for a simple cremation save over fifty percent off on cremation cost by calling us first. 

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Cremation Services By The Sea offers affordable cremation prices in Lighthouse Point, FL. Compare our direct cremation costs and simple cremation services for immediate cremation to local funeral homes. Our family owned business guarantees affordable crematory services in Lighthouse Point. In addition, our simple cremation packages can be paid in advance or at the time of need. 

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