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Thumbies Cremation Jewelry 

We will take your loved ones fingerprint

As a certified Thumbie Provider, Cremation Services By The Sea is dedicated to giving families the latest technology and advancements in the cremation business. Each one of us is unique in so many ways, especially when it comes to our finger prints. 

Upon request, a staff member will take your loved ones fingerprint and retain it in our file for up to 60 days. Each family will have an opportunity to review the order process with no obligation. This unique program allows families to cherish their loved one for years to come. Each print is cast into a unique piece of fine sterling silver keepsake jewelry. Each piece is unique and of the highest quality. 

Thumbie has been one of the best ways to honor a loved one. From pendants, charms, rings and custom dog tags, your loved ones print can be captured for a lifetime tribute. Once an order is processed, the digital print will be kept on file for future orders if you ever lose or misplace the keepsake. 

This is not a trend. With cremation rates on the rise and a less morbid approach to honoring or cherishing a loved ones life, this honorable keepsake and concept will be here for generations to come. 

For more information about how this program works, please contact us directly. (561) 623-7357. 

We also offer unique cremation urns, personalized cremation jewelry and other merchandise options like Memory Glass.