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Cremation Prices in Palm Beach Gardens

Cremation Services By The Sea nearby Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a local direct cremation provider that services the greater West Palm Beach, Florida area and other nearby cities.  Families can utilize our professional crematory services directly, eliminating the requirement to contact a local funeral home.  In turn, this saves most families thousands of dollars in funeral costs and cremation service costs. 

Our firm is independently owned and operated.  In fact, our cremation service business is inspected and regulated by the same agency which inspects and licenses funeral homes.  Therefore, we can assure the highest quality of care and dignity to each family that we serve. 

If you or a loved one are researching funeral homes or cremation businesses for immediate services or long term pre-planning for the future, we can help.  We will never pressure you to make choices that you do not request. We are also minutes away from hospitals, hospice facilities and the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Office.

Cremation Services By The Sea goes above and beyond the call of duty for each client family that we serve.  We service hundreds of families each year, just like yours. 

We encourage you to compare our cremation services side by side to the competition. Make the clear choice in cremation services. 

For more information on how we can assist you or a loved one, please contact us 24 hours a day. 

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Cremation Prices In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Palm Beach Gardens is a diverse community with many funeral homes that offer cremation services.  However, most funeral homes in the area will charge premium rates for simple cremation services.  Direct cremation was designed to be affordable and practical for those individuals that do not wish for formal funeral services, either public or private. Cremation Services By The Sea is a one hundred percent cremation business.  Therefore, cremation costs are lower and more affordable. 

The national average for cremation costs, when arranged through a funeral home, are growing.  On the other hand, using a direct cremation firm like Cremation Services By The Sea can eliminate the need to contact a funeral home. In turn, saving families hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars off of cremation prices.

Cremation Services

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