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Prepaid Cremation Services

*$995. Direct Cremation Arrangements Guaranteed for a Lifetime.

Our prepaid cremation arrangements are guaranteed at today's itemized prices, which are listed on our General Price List, available by request.  Our services will include local transportation (35 miles), notification of Social Security, secure a doctors signature for the death certificate, local courier or receiving of certificates, basic professional services, a basic cremation container (required for the cremation process) or you may provide us with one for and the fee for an alternate container will be removed, our basic cremation fee for an individual less than 275 lbs, custody care (refrigeration in lieu of embalming 4 days), other professional services for the initial setting up of the trust account and the scheduled return of the cremated remains back to the family. County approval fee is included in the package

*An urn and death certificates are not included. Other services not listed are not included. Non-standard requests also not included. No viewing or ceremony. Should you request other services or merchandise they will be added per itemized cost on our price list. If purchaser provides us with an alternative container for the cremation process an adjustment will be made in writing and no additional fee will apply. *Price is for estimate purposes based on our current General Price List which is available by request. 

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Simple Cremation Planning

Pre-planning for cremation services does not have to be a difficult task. Cremation Services By The Sea offers pre-planning and prepaid cremation benefits. Compare us to local funeral homes and other cremation societies in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and other surrounding cities. 

We offer a prepaid cremation guarantee. This means that while the cost of cremation increases, your final wishes are secured forever.

Learn more and contact us today, we are here to help. 

Final Cremation Arrangements

Planning for your final wishes should be approached as a natural step in life's journey. One of the greatest benefits in pre-planning is placing your exact wishes on paper. This way, there are no difficult choices to make for your loved one's in the future. Also, paying for services now will also eliminate the financial burden for others in the future. 


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Cremation Planning Boca Raton

Prepaid Cremation Services 

Not all cremation and funeral service businesses are created equal. When considering prepaid cremation services as an option for yourself or for a loved one, it's important to ask a few vital questions:

 Where will your money be secured?

Is it Safe?

Are your final wishes guaranteed for years to come? 

Is the business you're using properly licensed to accept money for pre-paid contracts?

*At Cremation Services By The Sea, we safely place your finances into a secure and designated trust through FSI - First Florida Trust, which is subject to strict state audits. Our business is also inspected yearly, by the same State of Florida agency which inspects local funeral homes.

**Did you know that not all funeral service and crematory service businesses are authorized to offer prepaid cremation arrangements? Our firm is properly licensed and in good standing.

We are proud of our reputation and remain dedicated to helping individuals and families, just like yours, to secure the future of their final wishes.